नया साल मुबारक

मुबारक रहे आपको, आ रहा नया साल  
जीवन स्वस्थ रहे सदा,  प्रेम हर्ष उल्लास
प्रेम हर्ष उल्लास, सफल हो सर्व साधना    
नित नवीन विश्वास, पूरी हो आराधना    
कहे मुक्त ये बात, प्रकृति के हो अनुचारक  
प्रभु का हो आशीष, हो नया साल मुबारक 

9 thoughts on “नया साल मुबारक

  1. I went through almost all poems of yours which came before my eyes . All are noble pieces of the art of poetry . It would be quite discouraging to comment on a particular poetry . All are nice , beautiful and innovative . Actually Hindi Poets had chosen a little different path in the past by making it all , what is call , a MUKTAK CHHAND. Free from all figures as such . No rhyming word at all . But I personally feel that was a wrong exercise by our Hindi poets . By adopting this path , they virtually followed the trends of the English poetries as such .

    By adopting rhyming words in your poetries , you have again rejuvenated old flavors and fragrance of the Hindi poetry . Thanks ! Happy New Year 2022 !

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